The Top Reasons Why You Should Get Involved In Abu Dhabi Tennis

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Roger Federer. Andy Murray.  Serena Williams. Angelique Kerber. These are just some of the most famous top-seeded tennis players in the world today. In every tennis match they play in, you simply can’t help but be impressed by the energy, skills, and brilliance they show when they are on the court.


Start Playing Tennis


If you’ve always wanted to get involved in a particular type of sport, you should consider tennis. In Abu Dhabi, tennis is a popular sport and there are various venues that will allow you to start learning about and gaining proficiency in this game. And if you need more reasons as to why you should get involved in tennis, here are some below:

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You get a workout every time you play. Tennis has an amazing cardio combination of running, aerobics, and hand-eye coordination. As such, playing a few matches of tennis works the right parts of your body. You get the right amount of exercise every time you play.


You give your brain a workout, too. Tennis is a sport that revolves around good strategies. Your mind will constantly be in thought about what kind of shots you should make and what move your opponent will make next throughout a game.


Age isn’t a factor. Whether you are a teenager or already retired, you can learn and enjoy playing tennis. This sport can also be enjoyed by the whole family. You can spend time together with your loved ones while staying at the same time.


It isn’t a seasonal sport. Lastly, where sports like football take place in just the fall, you can play tennis anytime the entire year. Since you have the option of playing indoors, this sport will help you maintain a healthy figure and allow you to develop a routine for the whole year.


Read more about playing tennis in Abu Dhabi on Zayed Sports City’s website.


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    Linda Whitely (Wednesday, 05 April 2017 04:00)

    Tennis is among the most engaging sport that most people enjoy playing these days. Thanks for sharing about the best place where to play tennis in the UAE.