Is It Beneficial To Watch A New National Netball League In Action On TV?

On February 18, 2017, a new era of netball is set to begin in Australia. This marks the start of Suncorp Super Netball, which is a new netball competition among 8 teams.


The Transformation Of The New League


The new Australian national netball league began in May 2016 from Netball Australia’s announcement. It was said that this will be parting ways with Netball New Zealand and the ANZ Championship.


There are 8 teams that emerged as the members of this new league. The Adelaide Thunderbirds, Queensland Firebirds, Melbourne Vixens, and West Coast Fever are the 5 existing teams. The other 3 teams are new – these include the Sunshine Coast Lightning, Giants Netball, and the Magpies Netball Club.


Collingwood Magpies Netball has 5 members of the Australian Netball Diamonds, which is the country’s national netball team, for the inaugural season. These are Caitlin Thwaites, Madi Robinson, Sharni Layton, April Brandley, and Kim Ravaillion. The inaugural match pits Giants Netball versus the NSW Swifts at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre.


Benefits Of Broadcasting The Games


Enthusiasts get to see for themselves how professional players handle the game. For those who are still considering if they want to try netball or not, being able to watch the new professionals battle it out on television can be very helpful. They get to see how seasoned players handle the game, along with what level of physical activity is involved. For enthusiasts, beginners, and more advanced players, the broadcasts can definitely fuel their interest in the sport.


People can become more inspired to engage in netball games when they see the support of the audience and the love for televised matches. TV broadcasts of netball competitions can actually incite excitement for the games. The number of sports team’s fans is increasing. Hence, people can cultivate a love for the game so they can be motivated to continue watching. They may even start trying out the sport for themselves.


TV audiences can pick up significant pieces of information by just listening to the commentary during the games. Apart from being able to see how players move during the game, viewers can also listen to the commentary so they can gain better insight about the different strategies being employed by various teams.


Melbourne Social Netball will offer excellent venues for anyone who is eager to join in the sport. You can pick form the different venue options and play just like how your favourite professional players perform on TV.


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