New Netball Umpiring Rules And Fitness Areas To Focus On

One of the most popular team sports today is netball. It is becoming a favorite among numerous athletes and hobbyists around the world. Netball is a ball sport played between two teams of seven players. Generally, there are twelve players in a team but only seven will play on the court. This game is said to be derived from early versions of basketball and is akin to it in many respects. This sport today is predominantly played by women, although there are also men who are already masters in this sport.


A netball game is played on a rectangular court divided into thirds. A raised goal is found at each short end of the court. The primary objective of the game is for each team to score goals, by passing a ball and shooting it into their team's goal ring. There are umpires who act as controllers. Some of the new netball umpiring rules are the following: 


- For each successful goal, the umpire will signal by holding one arm up. Unlike before when making a signal is through blowing a whistle.


- New hand signal are introduced. These new hand signals are found in the Rule Book.


- An umpire must wear a uniform with a distinctive color from the playing teams.


- There is a reserve umpire who is tasked to supervise suspended players among others.


These are only some of the new netball umpiring rules you should take note of. And when it comes to fitness areas to focus on to ensure that your playing skills are always at its best, here are some tips:


- Strength. All netball players have to be strong enough to hold position, particularly when the ball is at hand. If you are new to this sport, you have to remember that aside from the game itself, there is another competition for all players to be ahead, to find for a space to jump, to wheel around, to pass to another player and to open for receiving. 


- Endurance. This sport also requires a lot of running and jumping. Players have to be able to jump high when they intercept flying balls or when they shoot hoops. You also have to run shoulder to shoulder with the players of the opposing team. 


- Speed and agility. Finally, netball involves a lot of running, jumping and other fast movements in netball. All players have to be able to move with a certain level of efficiency and speed. You also have to be agile enough for the sudden changes in direction and pace in movement. Getting enough training in agility is necessary for prevention of injuries.


These are some of the most important things you should know about netball. Visit this site for more updated information.

The Top Reasons Why You Should Get Involved In Abu Dhabi Tennis

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Roger Federer. Andy Murray.  Serena Williams. Angelique Kerber. These are just some of the most famous top-seeded tennis players in the world today. In every tennis match they play in, you simply can’t help but be impressed by the energy, skills, and brilliance they show when they are on the court.


Start Playing Tennis


If you’ve always wanted to get involved in a particular type of sport, you should consider tennis. In Abu Dhabi, tennis is a popular sport and there are various venues that will allow you to start learning about and gaining proficiency in this game. And if you need more reasons as to why you should get involved in tennis, here are some below:

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Is It Beneficial To Watch A New National Netball League In Action On TV?

On February 18, 2017, a new era of netball is set to begin in Australia. This marks the start of Suncorp Super Netball, which is a new netball competition among 8 teams.


The Transformation Of The New League


The new Australian national netball league began in May 2016 from Netball Australia’s announcement. It was said that this will be parting ways with Netball New Zealand and the ANZ Championship.


There are 8 teams that emerged as the members of this new league. The Adelaide Thunderbirds, Queensland Firebirds, Melbourne Vixens, and West Coast Fever are the 5 existing teams. The other 3 teams are new – these include the Sunshine Coast Lightning, Giants Netball, and the Magpies Netball Club.


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How To Play Netball Without Getting Injured

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All types of sports present various risks to players. Whether they are involved in a practice game or in an actual one, there is always that risk that they will hurt themselves accidentally.


If you’re playing netball, it is important that you avoid injuries all the time. If you want to learn how to play netball without getting injured or hurt, follow the tips below:


Don’t forget to warm up, stretch, and cool down. Sufficient warm-up and cool-down are really important for avoiding injuries. The right type of warm-up consists of active exercises such as running and ball passing to increase the heart rate and get your muscles warm. It is also worthwhile to include some static stretching The cool-down session helps muscle and soft tissue recover and reduces the chance of muscles getting gradually tighter over the course of the season. 


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